ClioSoft® Creates the Secret Sauce to Make Design Reuse a Reality

desigHUB, a customizable ecosystem hosted within the company, enables design reuse, while mitigating the risk of unauthorized usage.

FREMONT, Calif., May 2, 2017 – ClioSoft today unveiled designHUBTM, a next generation ecosystem created primarily for design reuse to enable enterprises utilize existing design resources efficiently within the company. A leader in system-on-chip (SoC) design data and intellectual property (IP) management solutions for the semiconductor design industry, ClioSoft developed the designHUB platform on the concept that untapped ideas, design expertise or any intellectual property can be shared seamlessly across the company and leveraged to produce remarkable results.

Using designHUB, designers can search and compare IPs across geographical or business silos of a company, track their usage and review their quality before selecting the design module that best meets their design requirements. It provides a platform for designers to communicate with IP/SoC developers for any queries related to the IP, enabling quick resolution of any issues. In addition to sharing IPs, designHUB also empowers users to seamlessly share and track documents, flows, scripts, libraries, etc. across the enterprise. To enable designers to be more productive, designHUB tracks and collates all activities for design projects an engineer may be working on or has been involved in and displays the notifications and tasks assigned in a dashboard for easy review.

“There is a paradigm shift occurring within the IP ecosystem regarding IP usage, development and data sharing,” said Srinath Anantharaman, founder and CEO of ClioSoft. “Current products in the market today address IP reuse by web-based cataloging. By using the concept of crowdsourcing, designHUB bridges the gap between the IP developer and the IP user all within a single platform and extends the definition of IP to include SoC sub-systems, documents, ideas, scripts, flows etc. Design related information from various sources is seamlessly integrated into designHUB along with a rich set of reports to provide the relevant information to the designer and management community. Design reuse can now be a reality within a company.”

The designHUB platform is easily customizable and is hosted within the secure confines of the company.

Availability of designHUB

The designHUB platform is now available, and is currently being deployed at customer sites. ClioSoft will be demonstrating the designHUB platform at the upcoming Design Automation Conference booth # 613 at the Austin Convention Center, June 18 – 22 2017. To set up a private demo of designHUB, visit

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About ClioSoft Inc.

ClioSoft is the pioneer and leading developer of system-on-chip (SoC) design configuration and enterprise IP management solutions for the semiconductor industry. The company’s flagship product SOS7 Design Collaboration Platform, built exclusively to meet the demanding requirements of SoC designs, empowers multi-site design teams to collaborate efficiently on complex analog, digital, RF and mixed-signal designs. The sole objective of ClioSoft’s collaborative IP management solution is to improve design reuse within a company. ClioSoft helps semiconductor companies catalog and manage internal and third-party IPs, providing an easy-to-use administration and user cockpit to manage the process of creating IPs and their derivatives, their lineage, IP licensing, security, and issue and defect tracking.

The collaborative IP management system from ClioSoft is part of the overall SOS Design Collaboration Platform. The IP management system improves design reuse by providing an easy-to-use workflow for designers to manage the process of shopping, consuming and producing new IPs. ClioSoft customers include the top 20 semiconductor companies worldwide. ClioSoft is headquartered at 39500 Stevenson Place, Suite 110, Fremont, CA, 94539. For more information
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