SoC Design Management

ClioSoft’s SOS7 design management platform empowers local or multi-site design teams to collaborate efficiently on all types of complex SoCs – analog, digital, RF and mixed-signal – from concept-to-GDSII.

Design teams using SOS7 can streamline their design development cycle and manage the design handoffs and ECOs efficiently for all their design flows to ensure successful tapeouts. SOS7 has been built from the ground up for performance, security, network storage optimization and customizability to meet the demanding requirements of today’s complex design environments.

IP Reuse Ecosystem

No company wants to reinvent the wheel for internally developed IPs. If there is any IP, which that can be reused within the company, the idea is to leverage it to the maximum extent possible.

ClioSoft’s enterprise IP management solution is built on this philosophy and extends the concept to include semiconductor IPs, documents, methodologies, scripts, ideas etc.

It elevates design reuse within a company by providing an easy-to-use cockpit to manage the process of creating and publishing IPs and their derivatives. It provides a single portal for users within the company to access all internal and third-party IPs and designs. With multiple levels of built-in security and customizable workflows, ClioSoft’s IP management solution mitigates the unauthorized usage of IPs within the company. Its flexible approach means design teams can easily add a complex matrix of information including meta data such as foundries, process nodes, power-performance-area numbers and the various relationships between the IPs needed to ensure easy selection and integration of IPs.