Acconsys & ClioSoft Celebrate Their Partnership In China

Acconsys and ClioSoft, the industry leader in SoC design and IP management solutions, continue their long association of eight years in China. As a token for the long and fruitful partnership, Jun Wu, Vice President, AcconSys personally handed to Karim Khalfan, Director of Application Engineering, ClioSoft at a function in Shanghai.

With the rapid in the Chinese IC industry, semiconductor enterprises are facing many challenges on several fronts. With the increased demand for their SoCs amidst shorter time to market window, design companies are opening up design offices in multiple sites across the world. With design teams located at different locations, it becomes necessary to collaborate together for complex design flows and ensure the design data is managed securely from concept to GDSII.

ClioSoft’s SOS7TM platform is the leading design data and IP management platform, empowering design teams located at single or multiple sites to collaborate efficiently on analog, digital, RF and mixed-signal designs. Created primarily for hardware design engineers to use across the entire product life cycle, SOS7 provides ease of use and robustness without compromising on performance. SOS7 coupled with its built-in IP management system and Visual design diff enables design teams to be more productive by easily streamlining data sharing, versioning, issue tracking, visualizing differences and release and derivative management for complex SoC designs. “Cliosoft SOS provides us a different work method, which is more convenient to engineers, and improves our productivity considerably.” says Meng-chang Li, Analog design manager at Spreadtrum.

SOS7 is integrated with tools from all major vendors such as Cadence Designs, Keyesight Technologies, Mentor and Synopsys. Additional information is available at .

Acconsys is the exclusive partner of ClioSoft in China, overall responsible for promotion, application and service of ClioSoft products in the Chinese market. ClioSoft currently has more than 40 customers, including enterprises such Spreadtrum, ZTE, ASR, CETC and many more. With the increased investment in the Chinese semiconductor industry under the 13th Five-Year plan from the Chinese government, both ClioSoft and Acconsys are well poised to enable Chinese IC design companies manage their IPs an design data more efficiently.

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About ClioSoft Inc.

ClioSoft is the pioneer and leading developer of system-on-chip (SoC) design configuration and enterprise IP management solutions for the semiconductor industry. The company’s flagship product SOS7 Design Collaboration Platform, built exclusively to meet the demanding requirements of SoC designs, empowers multi-site design teams to collaborate efficiently on complex analog, digital, RF and mixed-signal designs. The sole objective of ClioSoft’s collaborative IP management solution is to improve design reuse within a company. ClioSoft helps semiconductor companies catalog and manage internal and third-party IPs, providing an easy-to-use administration and user cockpit to manage the process of creating IPs and their derivatives, their lineage, IP licensing, security, and issue and defect tracking.

The collaborative IP management system from ClioSoft is part of the overall SOS Design Collaboration Platform. The IP management system improves design reuse by providing an easy-to-use workflow for designers to manage the process of shopping, consuming and producing new IPs. ClioSoft customers include the top 20 semiconductor companies worldwide. ClioSoft is headquartered at 39500 Stevenson Place, Suite 110, Fremont, CA, 94539. For more information
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